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6 Dec

What causes a boom of social network?





November 24th, 2011


  1. 1.      Abstract


Nowadays, most citizens have IDs in several social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry, Window Messenger, and etc. However, even 2 years ago, there were few social networking websites and few people were interesting in social networking, actually. It means that social networking became popular in recent 2 years. Numerous social networking sites are emerged and spread out all over the world just in 2 years. Why does the social network service become one of the hottest trends between citizens all over the world immediately? From now, I will focus on the reasons why the social network boom was caused with several evidences. This paper will be started with popularity of social network service and statistics of social networking users with comparison of past and now. And then, in the body part, main factors of social network booming and supporting evidences will be mentioned.


  1. 2.      History of Social Network Service

2-I. Background of apperance


From 21st Century, high technology was developed extremely. Because of the extreme development, modern citizens are able to use brand-new equipments and enjoy far more comfortable life than 20th Century. One of the biggest inventions is the internet. The internet is the computer network which allows computer users to connect with computers all over the world, and which carries e-mail. Development of the internet influences humankind a lot. By internet, we can send e-mails, surf websites, and share the information. Nowadays, most people benefit from internet and the universalization of the internet leads to the appearance of social network.


2-II. The present condition


After the appearance, people expressed explosive interests and join it. Therefore, number of social network members increased rapidly and at now, the representative social networking site, Facebook has almost 600,000,000 members all over the world. (Mello)


Table 1.(Eldon)


By the way, what is a reason of the explosive interests toward social networking site? In a film, ‘The Social Network’, one student of Stanford University said that she doesn’t know why, but checking the news feed is really addictive and she cannot stop checking it every day. What makes her to login and check Facebook every day?

This term paper will mention the reason why. There are three reasons what cause a boom of social network. Firstly, people are able to connect with acquaintance much more easily in social networking sites. Secondly, it is able to make a better relationship on-line and keep in touch with old friends. Lastly, numerous social issues are caused and discussed on social network sites.


  1. 3.      Reasons

3-I. Connection with friends


Firstly, it is able to connect with friends much more easily with social network service. People cannot meet other person face-to-face all the time. When people are apart from the other person, they still want to connect with others. Before social network appears, there were several methods to connect with others. For example, people wrote some articles or their status on blogs or connect with e-mails. However, it is quite hard to use comfortably. The process to make and decorate a blog is quite tiresome, and e-mail is not profitable to write short words or have a conversation each other in real time. However, these drawbacks are remedied by Social network. On Facebook, people can upload status at real time and also check another friends’ status at once in news feed. Also, it is able to chat with others in real time. (Fraser, 231)Moreover, most teenagers prefer to use internet chatting with others by Messenger, or Facebook chatting because text message requires money to send. Therefore, a convenience of social network is one of the reasons that people are fanatical about it.


Table 2. (Mello)


3-II. Keep in touch with old friends


Secondly, It is able to make a closer relationship and able to keep in touch with old friends. In Facebook, there are blanks to write personal information. Facebook Users are able to write their preference, whether single or not, religion and favorite quotations.(Kirkpatrick, 185) These information help users to know more about other users and become much closer. Actually, I have many friends whom I met and became closer on-line. Being friends without meeting is not uncommon anymore. In addition, social network members try to keep in touch with old friends with social network service.(Mello) We always experience to become unfriendly with old friends. The reason why contacts with old friends are decreased is that there is nothing to talk about with old friends. However, in social network, it is easy to make a bond by sharing status in real time. With having a topic of conversation, it is much easier to contact with old friends. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to join social network.


     3-III. Related social issues


Lastly, numerous social issues were caused and discussed in social network. For example, a few months ago, a riot was caused in England. The beginning of the riot was announced worldwide. The beginning was after a man named Mark Duggan was died with taking a bullet of the police, the death was spread throughout social network service.(Han) After thousands people read the news, they gathered and demonstrated in Tottenham. Moreover, the beginning of the demonstration caused in Libya is also related to social network service. After several social events were caused by social network, people started to get interested in social network. Additionally, most people make a discussion about social issues in social network service. In NAVER, there is a social-network portion, which uploads new status of twitterians which is related to a certain keyword.(Gwun) There are many twitter users who make verbal battle on twitter about hot social issues. As previously mentioned, because all of the status is uploaded in real time and chatting in real time is available, discussion can be easily activated.


  1. 4.      Conclusion


     A social network boom still exists. The members of social network service are increasing steadily and most experts expect that the number of Facebook users will be reached 800,000,000 until next year. Reasons why users are still increasing are previously mentioned; convenient connection, showing various information of user, and social association of social network service. For modern citizens, social network service is quite innovative thing. Use service, and enjoy technology. And then, we will notice the extreme change of world.


  1. 5.      Works cited

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